Bio of Jim Frazier

Jim Frazier has been taking pictures since he was about 10.  Ask him sometime about how he got his first camera.  He thinks it's a funny story.

Jim is a retired professional speaker and trainer on taxes.  

He's now a photographer desperately trying to maintain his amateur status. 

He is a volunteer photographer at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois, moderates several groups on Flickr, teaches photography classes, and is a member of the Elgin Area Camera Club.  

His work has been seen in:

Wall Street Journal (he has another "funny" story about this one - go ahead, ask him)
Milwaukee Magazine
Lakeland Boating
Elks Magazine
Daily Herald
Chicago Tribune
Beacon News
Cantigny Magazine
From Footpaths to Freeways
Travel + Leisure
and a wide variety of advertising, signage, calendars, presentations, web sites, forums, blogs, etc. 

His pictures have even been used for aluminum siding billboards in Oregon (yeah, another "funny" story) and on the tank of a motorcycle. 

His prints hang in collections all over the country.

Although he'll photograph just about anything, his main subjects include: garden and nature, architecture, sacred places, people, still life, landscapes, and transportation.  So, pretty much anything.

His training participants have consistently reviewed Jim as an enjoyable presenter who makes the topics understandable and accessible.  If Jim can present a photography class for your organization, or if you have any questions, please contact him.