Monday, September 14, 2020

The Body of Nilla Vanilla Wafers

One of the few things that I have left from my folks is my Mom's silver candy dish (I called it a chalice).  And I'm not sure it's silver - plated, or just stainless steel.  Anyway, it has pride of place in my lair.

One of the reasons that I keep it is for this particular childhood memory.  Enjoy the sharing.

I grew up Catholic.  And like any good Catholic mom, mine probably dreamed of me being a priest.  She made me a vestment out of an old bath towel (basically a terrycloth poncho) and let me use this chalice as a...well...chalice.  So in went the Nilla Vanilla wafers and I said "Mass".  It was easier back then since the Mass was in Latin and I just mumbled a few unintelligible words, lifted up the chalice and that was that.

However, I'll always regret drafting the kids who lived next door into receiving "communion." For they were, after all, Baptists.  I think they humored me for the Nilla Vanilla wafers.

Which makes me think that the Pope should just change to Nilla Wafers.  And milk instead of wine.  I'll shoot him an email in the morning.  

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September 12, 2020

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