Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Generator Room (Redux)
Hoover Dam
Boulder City, Nevada
December 2003 36.015503, -114.738880

December 6, 2003

This picture has some personal history for me.  I first saw this room when I was a kid traveling with my parents.  Dad took a slide but the there isn't a lot of light, he had a SEARS 35mm camera and there's a lot of vibration in the room.  So his shot was, well let's just say it was kind of shaky.

So when I was there some 50 years later, I made sure I got a sharp picture.  In fact, I took the tour specifically to get this shot.

There are millions upon millions versions of this picture out there.  It's a stop on the tour.  Some of you know I dislike taking the same shot as everyone else.  But this is an exception.  It has some history for me, I solved a technical problem that my Dad had, AND it checks a LOT of boxes as far as photo composition goes.  It's now one of my all time favorites.

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