Thursday, December 26, 2019

I grew up with this Nativity set, so it's at least 65 years old.  It got a lot of use when I was a kid.  There were some wax choir boys, angels and reindeer that were part of the scene too, but they have been lost to time.  

This year, for some reason, I asked Kate if we still had it and she dug it out and put it up.  Then I developed an idea for a picture.  This comes satisfyingly close to what I had pre-visualized.

Technical: In order to get the effect of a lantern illuminating JMJ, I used an LED flashlight with a flexible neck and a yellow gel.  The Three Wise Men are concealing the head and the whole flashlight is black so I didn't have to Photoshop anything out.  Then, two SB600's, with blue gels, were used in a shoot-through umbrella (camera right) for the overall scene. Triggered by CLS.  Finally, I focus-stacked three images in Photoshop.  And thank the Lord for gaffers tape.

World Famous Frazier Studio
Elgin, Illinois
December 26, 2019

Thanks to Kate for hauling this out.

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