Saturday, January 26, 2019

Nantucket Lightship Basket

Nantucket Lightship Baskets are a type of basket originating, in the 19th century, on Nantucket Island lightships. Lightship baskets are all made from rattan and wood, have an odd number of staves, a solid wooden base, a nailed and lashed rim, a rattan weaver, and are woven over a mould. Oak, Pine, and Ash are the most traditional type of wood used on baskets, but today many other types are utilized such as cherry and ebony. Often modern Lightship Baskets incorporate multiple types of wood.

Made at the World Famous Frazier Studio
Elgin, Illinois
January 4, 2019

Technical: This is a redux and reshoot of this OLD shot.

I wanted to continue experimenting with focus stacking - in the older picture, you'll notice that the rear isn't in focus.  This time it is.  Photoshop stacked 6 pictures.

Lighting was an Alien Bees 1600 in shoot-through umbrella camera right, silver reflector camera camera left, triggered by Pocket Wizard

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