Monday, December 1, 2014


The Old Rusty Cadillac West of Rochelle, Illinois is a mystical place located in the midwest.  It attracts photographers from all over the area to try their hand at tapping into the wondrous mysteries of an old car parked in front of an even older barn.


The car is NOT abandoned.  The barn and plot are used for storage, and the car is moved occasionally to allow access to the barn, or to make room for equipment at harvest time.  Some of us have even talked with the owner.

The Situation has changed 3

The surrounding area appears desolate, but the sacred spot is located along Illinois Route 38 - a busy highway that also happens to be the Lincoln Highway.

Lone Tree by The Old Rusty Cadillac West of Rochelle, Illinois

I started a Flickr group for TORCWORI that currently has almost 900 pictures posted from 134 members.  As you can see, the car truly is an inspiration for photographers.

"Cadivity Scene"

The consensus is that it's a 1950 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan 4 Door Hardtop

I love it when a plan comes together

Cadillac Tail Light

Frost on the Headlight II

And there are other things to photograph within the church of TORCWORI

I've heard of Prairie Schooners, but ...

Grasshopper by the Caddy

I could have sworn there was a Cadillac around here

If TOCWORI sings to the photographer in you, get yourself to this location.  The owner has been friendly to photographers.  However, he has installed some security equipment, so evidently there have been...problems.  Remember that this IS private property, so please be respectful. Don't open or move anything - either on the car, any parked equipment, or the barn. Don't drive in the grass if the ground is very wet. Don't wander into the surrounding fields.  Please think of TORCWORI as a museum to...something. 

TORCWORI, Blue Sky, and Other Stuff

More of my pictures of TORCWORI are here.

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