Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cantigny Turkeys

"Huh.  Nice leaf."

"Go ahead, have a nice Thanksgiving.  Jerk."

"In mourning for his cousins"

I came across the Cantigny Park flock loafing in some brush.  They were very cooperative. 

Wheaton, Illinois
October 31, 2012

More turkeys

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Anonymous said...

I just watched the national geographic doco on you and I can't begin to express my admiration of you. I wish you huge success with your future lense designs and more importantly a very long and healthy life so your genius can continue. Karma is a bitch and those who treated you unfairly will, if not already, be "rewarded" I'm so proud you are Australian.

Jim Frazier said...

Sorry, you have the wrong Jim Frazier. I'm not the Australian that invented the lens. But it's nice to know that someone with the same name won an Oscar.