Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kate's "I seek dead people" tour

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Kate and I took a trip up to Minnesota on Kate's "I seek dead people" tour.  She has a great, grandfather, along with some other relatives, who are buried at the Woodlawn Cemetery. My job was to take pictures of the tombstones.  And I thought I might get to photograph some trains as well as work on my Mississippi Bridges project. 

June 30 - We drove to Sparta, WI for the night.

July 1 - On to Winona, MN to visit the cemetery.  We inspected and photographed the markers and Kate planted a flag at her great grandfather's grave (he was a Civil War vet).

Walter Perry Cross 1865 - 1906

Myrtle E. Firth 1893 - 1964

You can see all of the gravesite pictures here.

Some antiquing was also involved along with my photographing the Winona bridge.  Then we drove down to Trempeauleau, WI to stay the night.

July 2 - Trempeauleau is cool.  We stayed at the "Inn on the River" where the trains run by about 100 feet from the room.  The scenery is beautiful and the trains are fast.  I decided I would get up early in the morning to try to take some pictures since the lighting would be best at this time.  Maybe it was the holiday weekend, but for whatever reason, they weren't passing in review as I had hoped.  I did manage to catch this one after about two hours of waiting, so I'm happy.

Kate also discovered that another relative was also a Civil War vet.  We figured it out by decoding the letters on his seriously eroded monument (see the top picture).  So we headed back up to Winona to put a flag by his grave too.

We drove along the river road down to Lansing, Iowa.

Biggy and Small

Then we drove up to La Crosse, WI where we took an evening dinner cruise.

We're going tubing!

This took us past another Mississippi bridge (the swing railroad bridge).

La Crosse Rail Bridge

We also "locked through" the dam, which was a first time experience.

July 3 - We headed down to Praire du Chein to photograph THEIR Mississippi Bridge and did a tiny about of wandering around in McGregor, Iowa.

McGregor, Iowa

Then we headed home, past Kate's old home in southeastern Wisconsin and finishing with a fine repast at the Lena Drive-In.

I'll be adding pictures to this article as the editing is done.  So keep an eye out.