Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fixing the Background

I took this picture of a member of the Fantastikals troupe at the Bristol Renaissance Fair in Kenosha, Wisconsin back in July.


While I like the picture of "Flower", the background was really terrible.  On the left is a jarring image of a guy in khaki shorts carrying two blue coolers and that whitish intruder along the edge.  Then there's that blue thing wrapped around the tree on the other side.  The background is pretty much ruining the shot for me.

I tried darkening the background, but that didn't really remove the guy on the left, nor did it get rid of the blue. Then I thought, "Blur! I'll blur 'em out!"

So using Paintshop Pro and masks, I blurred the background, did some cloning of the remaining blue patches, adjusted the contrast and colors, and did some selective sharpening.

The Flower Fairy


When you're dealing with a difficult background, sometimes you can salvage it. Not just by darkening, but maybe by blurring.

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