Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't dump too many pictures at once on Flickr

Big Yellow TruckThis is something that a few of my contacts and friends do, and it frustrates me because I don't give their pictures the time they deserve. If you want your contacts and friends to see your pictures, don't post 20 at a time. Even if they're great images, most folks get overwhelmed really fast by such volume. Remember, most of them aren't just looking at your pictures. They've got other contacts too.

My rule of thumb is to post about three pictures per day. Sometimes, if it's related to a special event, I may post a few more, but rarely more than 6. And I almost never post more than 10 at once. If I do post that many, I don't expect views or comments because they're usually not my best photographs.

Do your self a favor. By posting fewer pictures at'll get more views and comments. But you'll also give your contacts a helping hand by not dumping a whole pile of pictures on them.

Here's a suggestion. If you want to unload a whole bunch of pictures to Flickr, only show a few of the pictures as public...the very best. Then, set up a private set with all of the other pictures. With private sets, you can "share" a link to them. Put that URL in the descriptions of the pictures you're making public. You can show the pictures you think are the best, and give people the option of seeing the rest of the pictures.

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