Sunday, March 28, 2010

Which is better?

I originally thought that this was the better of the two pictures of this fishing pier at Ferson Creek Park in St. Charles, Illinois.

Fishing Platform

I thought the ice was more interesting and the colors were warmer.

But as I flipped back and forth between the two pictures, I decided this one was better.

Fishing Platform

The color isn't as warm, and you don't see as much of the ice, but the lines really lead you into the picture. In the previous picture, the leading lines are a little more confused with the verticals, and they take you right out of the picture again. In this one, the diagonal runs from lower right and takes you to a clear terminus, right in the upper third of the picture. There are other lines, but they are clearly secondary to the main diagonal.

That's my take - what do you think.

Jim Frazier

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