Monday, March 1, 2010

Unexpected Reflections


I was taking some pictures of the pianist at our church. I saw this picture, was inspired by it and wanted to give the idea a try. But it didn't work out. There are a couple of major problems with this picture.

1. Note the glare on the front of the piano on the left side of the picture. Not only did I not notice it during the session, but the fingerprints? Who would have thought to bring a can of Pledge along with all of my camera equipment?

Moral: When working with highly reflective materials, be very careful about the reflections. People usually think of glass and metal. But we obviously should include polished wood as well.

2. I had envisioned the pianist being more silhouetted. By using a high shutter speed, there was no ambient light that would have lit him up on my side. But I forgot about the big white wall and curtain right behind me that acted as a big reflector for my flash.

Moral: If you're trying to control your lighting, watch for walls and other accidental reflectors.

Jim Frazier

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Auntie P said...

Hi. I'm glad you liked my photo. I was lucky to have the light source a little higher than yours seems to be, and you might see that I took the photo from a lower vantage point too - this maximised the position of the light source. Perhaps if you had moved a little to your left you might have lost the glare and the fingerprints.