Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I discovered a cool new thing on Flickr: galleries!

I know they've been around for a few months but I haven't figured out a need for them yet. Yesterday I did.

I'm about to do some portraits for the pianist at church - both for the church and for him as well. He apparently doesn't have any PR shots, so I offered to turn a quick head-and-shoulders shot for the church into a little more.

I also started to wonder about ideas. I turned to my favorite collection of photos - Flickr. First I searched on "piano" and "portrait" and found some interesting shots. Then I visited a couple of groups that focused on pianos or portraits.

As I was going through the pictures, I started bookmarking them. But then I realized that I wanted my subject to see them as well. That way he could have some input into the photographs, and it would get him more interested in the project. So I just started adding my favorite photos, as I saw them, to galleries. It's just a button at the top of the picture.

I created two galleries - Piano Portraits 1 and Piano Portraits 2 and sent him the links. I had to make two galleries since you're limited to 18 in each and I found twice that number before I got bored.

Now he has something to look at in anticipation of the session. I have have 36 different pictures that I can use to get ideas about posing and lighting. So if you're putting together pictures of others for any reason, the galleries can work for you.


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