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Flickr Tags (Keywords)

As promised yesterday, here is a list of the tag categories I use. Within each, I'll give you a sample of the tags that would fit into that category. As you can see, there are a lot. But the list is also comprehensive and it gives me a nice checklist to make sure I cover everything.

The entire list of all the tags, sorted by category is in a LONG Excel spreadsheet. If anyone has a burning desire to have it, I'd be happy to share. Just send an email to the address a the bottom of my personal page.

date (year and month)
equipment (brand and model)
events (meetings, photowalks, parades, festivals)
holidays (Christmas, St. Patrick's Day)
parties (celebration, marriage)
reenactment (civil war, renaissance fairs)
travel (road trips, vacations)
habitat - business (store, restaurant, office)
habitat - cities and towns (city, urban, suburban, street scene)
habitat - gardens (gardens, gardening, planters)
habitat - interior (rooms, offices, museums)
habitat - outdoors (beach, desert)
habitat - parks (park, preserve, national park)
habitat - roads (road, path, trail, right of way)
habitat - rural (farms, agriculture, country)
habitat - water (lake, harbor, ocean)
specific locations (cantigny, fermilab)
specific organizations (US Army, Starbucks)
political location (country, state, city, maybe county)
season (fall, winter)
post process software used (capture nx, paintshop pro)
action (talking, singing)
action - hobby (photography, birding, fishing)
action - performing (acting, singing, juggling)
action - sports (golf, football)
action - standing still (waiting, watching, thinking)
action - work (driver, guarding, soldier)
art - (architecture, scultures)
clothing (hat, tilley)
food and drink (food, drink)
bridges (footbridge, suspension)
buildings (church, stadium)
residential buildings (house, apartments)
buildings detail (windows, bricks)
stuff (furniture, toys)
equipment (computers, weapons, apparatus)
transportation (cars, boats, planes)
railroads (locomotive, freight, diesel)
components (steel, metal, wood)
concept (music, symmetry)
concept - age (old, young, historic)
concept - bad (dangerous, evil)
concept - beauty and health (beautiful, vigorous)
concept - business (commercial, corporate, retail)
concept - emotions (happy, sad, joy)
concept - environmental conditions (cold, peaceful)
concept - medical (healthcare, dental)
concept - mood (mysterious, creepy)
concept - politics, government and military (hero, patriotism)
concept - science, technology and education (software, colleges)
concept - size and power (big, small, powerful)
concept - success of failure (anticipation, challenge)
concept - work and workmanship (workmanship, craft)
light (stormlight, flash, backlight)
my actions (birding, road trip, railfan)
animals (dogs, cats, horses)
earth (mountains, canyons, waterfalls)
flora (mushrooms, flowers, plants)
people - age (adults, teens, seniors)
people - genders (woman, man)
people - relationships (wife, husband, son)
people - roles (flickrer, photographer, traveler)
perspective (vanishing point, rear view)
picture format (square, panorama, video)
shapes (horizontal lines, circles)
surface (texture, shiny, peeling paint)
color (red, green, rust)
technique (time exposure, macro, telephoto)
manipulation (desaturated, composite)
time (sunset, magic hour)
type (portrait, abstract, landscape)
weather (cloudy, sunny, rain)

Well, THAT was exhausting. Here are a couple of links to some other sources of inspiration for tags and keywords.

flickr's tags

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