Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photography doesn't have to be art

My wife just got back from a field trip to a vendor's facility and she took lots of pictures with my point and shoot. It was set on auto and all she did was, in fact, point and shoot. Most of the shots were not "artistic" although there was this one....

The important thing was that she recorded the place (which was impressive), the products, the people, and the feel of the event. Her purpose was not to make art, but to record things so that she could share information with her colleagues who didn't go on the trip.

If I had been there, I would have spent a lot more time taking pictures, but I'm not sure I would have captured the situation like Kate did. I would have gotten some really nice shots, but they would not have conveyed the information that Kate needed to convey.

My point is that we need to take snapshots too. We need to capture pictures that may not be very good, but tell the story - even if they're just pictures of potted plants and random people standing around in bad light.

Pictures can be art. Or they can simply be information. Both are good. Both are fun. Be careful that you don't fail to transmit information while you're spending time being artistic.

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