Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Event Photography

A few things I've learned:

When shooting portraits at an event, watch out for people in two layers, front and back. If your lighting is from the side, they'll throw shadows on each other. I think I'll try a clam-shell set up next time.

Also, figure out where you want people to stand / sit before the event begins. Then mark out a box on the floor with tape so you can just say, "everyone needs to be standing in that box." I'm guessing it'll eliminate some of the direction woes.

When shooting party scenes, raise the ISO a little to pick up some ambient light. On the other hand, getting rid of the ambient can isolate the people you want to photograph, and clean up the background.

Remember to bring your bag when going on a walk-around. I could have used a lens change, batteries, and memory cards.

Use the Softbox III on top of the flash bracket.

Stay away from walls - particularly if the subjects are within a few feet of it and you're operating with an on-camera flash.

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