Saturday, November 8, 2008

"I still got a grenade and a coupla rounds! Bring it ON!!!"

I went to the toy soldier show at Cantigny last weekend. As I was walking around, I thought it would be interesting to try a macro shot on one the miniatures. I found this guy for $6. I used two Nikon SB 600's remotely controlled by the master SB800 (didn't fire) - one camera left and the other camera right and above the soldier. Then I merged with the background shot I had on file and brushed in the weeds over the right foot. Came out OK for an obvious fake job.

NOTE: This soldier has earned his discharge. But rather than go to a VA hospital, he feels that he's lived to fight another day. I'd be happy to mail his papers to anyone who feels the need of one hell of a warrior. No waiver penalty.

A photo of the set up is here
Frazier Studios - Batavia, Illinois
November 2008

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