Friday, July 4, 2008

UP 7866 Westbound Across the North Platte River on the Fort Steele Bridge

I found this spot using Brian Butko's book (below). Access is very easy - the parking lot for the site for the historic fort site is right there, so all I had to do is park, and wait for a train. They come along pretty frequently here...I waited for an hour, and there were two eastbound trains (terrible lighting), and then, just before I left, this one finally came through.

While waiting, one of the eastbound trains was one that I had been stalking eastbound across Wyoming for most of the day. I think the engineer recognized he came by, he slid open his window and waved (and NOT the middle finger). As he was heading off into the distance, I noticed a cable or rope dangling from one of the last cars in the train. Thinking that this was the kind of thing that they ought to know about, I looked to see if I had any "bars" on my cell phone. Surprisingly (this is definitely where God lost his shoes) I had a signal, so I dialed information and asked for Union Pacific in Omaha. I finally got an operator and described the situation to her. She said she'd pass it on. Only afterwards did I realize that I was probably making a lot of additional work for this train's crew. They'd probably have to stop and the conductor would have to take a look and make any fixes necessary.

On the other hand, I would have hated to hear of someone further east who had been injured by cable dangling from a boxcar.

Fort Steele, Wyoming
June 2008

I had a seminar trip in June 2008 that took me to Colorado and Utah. After the seminar

in Salt Lake, I went to an American Birding Association convention on Saturday in Snowbird, then headed home to Chicago via US 30, Interstate 80 and the Lincoln Highway, pretty much following the Union Pacific and the historic Transcontinental Railroad.

Some of the trip was guided by my own research into railroad destinations, but mostly by a book by Brian Butko, "Greetings from the Lincoln Highway". This is an excellent book for anyone thinking about taking any part of this trip. It really turned me on to some neat stuff.


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