Sunday, May 4, 2008

Batavia Bulldog

Batavia Bulldog, originally uploaded by jimfrazier.

While driving to church today, we noticed that they were gearing up for the Batavia Loyalty Day Parade. We've lived in Batavia for 17 years and have never gone to the parade. And since I needed a picture-takin' fix, and it was a beautiful day, I thought I'd walk over to the route and have a look.

I shot 357 pictures (glad I have that 4 gig card), and this was the best. The Batavia Bulldogs Marching Band came around the corner from the marshaling area, and I just started snapping away at any kids who looked interesting.

I thing this girl saw me. I'm sure this look turned into a, "Who's that old geezer over there with the weird hat?" look a moment later, but at this point, it was the cutest smile I've seen in a while.

Batavia, Illinois
May 2008


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