Monday, December 3, 2007

One good earthquake and that motel is toast

Goulding's Lodge
The guy who started this lodge promoted Monument Valley to John Ford for Stagecoach. And the rest is history. The lodge was the base of operations for the various movie productions.
When we got to Monument Valley, it was noon and I didn't want to take any pictures during the worst light of the day. Our plan was to have lunch at the park's visitor center, shop, then take pictures. But when we pulled up to the entry gate, they had a sign up saying the restaurant and gift shop were closed. Dang! I'm NEVER gonna get my Navajo Fry Bread! Anyway, we saw the sign for this lodge across the road from the park, so we went there for lunch. I'm glad we did. They had a nice gift shop, restaurant and it was in an extraordinary setting.
Rock Door Mesa
Monument Valley, Utah
November 2007

Here's more information about part 4 of our trip

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